Fresh has top notes of

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Fresh has top notes of cucumber and green apple, with linden and heliotrope blended to create a euphoric fragrance that is soft Yoga mat Manufacturers and feminine.The Concreta is a stone cube filled with Zents perfume in a conditioning, alcohol-free shea butter and beeswax base. The Fresh concreta scent for pulse points or deep conditioning for dry areas such as cuticles, feet & elbows.

 Uses: scent for pulse points, deep conditioning for dry areas (such as cuticles, feet & elbows), pomade to add scent and brilliance to body care and designer scents! Zents has gained the attention of the most elite boutiques and spas throughout the country, and their products have found their way into the hands of the world's hottest celebrities.Zents set out to create a unique fusion of therapeutic body care and sophisticated fragrance.

The fresh concreta was perfumery's oldest tradition- a multi-use, highly fragrant solid perfume balm, hand-poured into a unique solid stone cube. Concreta is a divine daily treatment that offers much more than a pretty scent. Use Concreta as a deep-conditioner to hydrate dry skin and cuticles, and to protect skin from the elements.

Zents was founded by three individuals who each bring a unique perspective to the company. Makes a great hair balm also leaves your hair frizz-free and smelling delicious! This highly fragrant solid perfume contains floral extracts in a conditioning, alcohol free, shea butter, and beeswax formula. Please purchase online http: katiewongnyc in NewYork city. Article Tags: Fresh Concreta, Shea Butter, Highly Fragrant Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory . It contains aromatherapeutic, floral extracts and essential oils in a conditioning, alcohol-free shea butter & beeswax formula. zents wants their products to have it all. Zents features highly fragrant, but subtle perfumes that are perfect even for those with scent sensitivities

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